Crowns and Bridges

Most of us reach a point in our lives where we will need a tooth repaired and sometimes even replaced.

If you have a tooth that is fractured, decayed, or damaged beyond what a dental filling can repair, Dr. Call may recommend a dental crown to restore your tooth. A dental bridge is an option that can replace a missing tooth and restore your smile.

Today’s crowns and bridges are made of ceramic porcelain and customized to match your teeth so they blend flawlessly with your smile. Here’s what you should know if you need a crown or a bridge.

What Is a Dental Crown?

Designed to closely mimic your compromised tooth, a dental crown replaces your entire tooth structure with a high quality porcelain restoration customized to complement your smile. Your crown fits over your remaining tooth structure, so it protects the health of your root.

A dental crown provides all the esthetics as well as function of a natural tooth, so you’ll be able to eat and chew with ease. You’ll also be able to brush and floss around your crown so you can easily maintain your oral health.

What Happens if I Don’t Get a Crown?

If you’ve been told that you need a crown, it’s likely your tooth is in one of these situations:

  • Deeply fractured, cracked, or broken
  • Needs to be strengthened after root canal therapy
  • Deeply decayed
  • Needs a restoration for a dental implant
  • Has an old filling or crown that is damaged, broken, or lost

If you don’t repair a decayed or fractured tooth, you are putting your other teeth at risk as they will have to compensate for the damaged tooth.

Tooth decay can also cause discomfort, especially when it reaches the root of your tooth. It’s important to repair a decayed tooth in order to prevent the damage from progressing and causing bigger problems.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Are you missing one or multiple adjacent teeth? If so, you understand how this greatly affects your ability to properly chew your food and talk to others with confidence. Did you know that a dental bridge may be an excellent option for restoring your smile?

A bridge relies on two crowns that use healthy teeth as anchors with prosthetic teeth in between. Dental implants can also be used as anchors for a bridge, allowing the restoration of multiple missing adjacent teeth and providing the additional benefit of keeping the jawbone healthy, which provides better longevity for your bridge.

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